Bulk Seed Lineup 2020
November 26, 2020

Growers - call our Twin Valley Co-op Agro locations for pricing and details on your bulk seed options for 2021.

We have our lineup of bulk seed all set for the upcoming 2021 growing season with 3 wheat varieties, 2 soybean varieties, and 1 pea varieties as shown below.


The first variety we have is AAC Wheatland. It is a new high yielding semi-dwarf CWRS with excellent lodging tolerance and intermediate resistance to fusarium head blight. This is also a midge tolerant variety which means you are limited to using farm saved seed to one generation past certified seed.

The second variety we have is AAC Redberry. This is a very early maturing, good standing, high protein, semi dwarf CWRS. Strong disease package including resistance to stem and leaf rust, and stripe rust.

The other variety we will be carrying is AAC Brandon. Its been around many years and has been really consistent especially in this area. Brandon is an awned semi-dwarf CWRS variety. It resistant to leaf and stem rust, and moderately resistant to stripe rust.


We are bringing in CDC Lewochko. This is a newer variety as it was registered in 2018. It is a high protein pea which is eligible for a high protein premium through Roquette. It is a mid maturity pea that has a very good lodging score. It also has a stronger seed coat then most varieties which means it doesn’t get that wrinkle that can cause the seed to split. Quantities are limited.

The first variety is S0009-M2. This variety has been very consistent over the years in our area and throughout Western Canada. Its a fairly early maturity which requires 2275 heat units.

Our second variety is S001-D8X. This is a new variety with very good yield potential and good stress tolerance and performance on variable soils. It is a bit later then M2’s as it requires 2300 heat units. Trials in the area have looked promising. Quantities are limited.

Twin Valley Co-op also offers delivery of bulk seed throughout our trade area for $150 per trip, no matter the distance.

Give our Grow Teams a call for more information today. We have five Grow Teams ready to serve you!

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