2023 Fuel Good Day
August 24, 2023

Twin Valley Co-op is pleased to name our local Personal Care Home Activities Departments as the recipients of our 2023 Fuel Good Day Donations:

Russell Gas Bar – Russell Personal Care Home
Birtle Gas Bar – Sunnyside Personal Care Home
Miniota Home Centre – Birch Lodge Personal Care Home
Elkhorn Home Centre – Elkwood Manor

On September 19, 2023, with every fill at our pumps, Co-op will donate to your local Personal Care Home as noted above. Please spread the word and mark your calendars, the more fuel we pump the bigger the donation will get to help with the activities programming.

Twin Valley Co-op chose this recipient as so many community members have had a loved one that has been touched by the care provided within our local Personal Care Homes. The teams that work in these facilities work so hard to provide this essential service but are often faced with a limited budget. With such a huge impact on the residents in these homes, we felt this program would be a great recipient for our 2023 Fuel Good Day.

We hope you will come out on September 19 and help us show our local Personal Care Homes some love and support!

UPDATE: Our pump reports are in and donations are going out:

Russell Personal Care Home: $1125

Sunnyside Manor: $700

Elkwood Manor: $275

Birch Lodge Personal Care Home: $250

Thank you all for supporting our 2023 Fuel Good Day and helping us raise money for our communities! 

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